Marketing and Digital Marketing consulting services

Development of marketing plans , brand positioning, advertising campaigns, pricing optimization, ROI analysis, market research, analysis of distribution channels, WordPress Website optimization, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Facebook advertising, Email campaigns, loyalty and lifetime value management, CRM and automation with Infusionsoft.

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Marketing strategy and operations consulting

Strategic analysis of the business, industry analysis and sources of profitability, management by SBU. Strategy development and assessment, bottlenecks management, analysis of cash cow businesses. Just in time production and Kanban, outsourcing, centralizing purchasing, value chain analysis and optimization of the supply chain. Internationalization strategy and go to market.

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In summary

We offer a full spectrum of consulting services, from strategy, to marketing, to operations for the entrepreneur or business owner that needs help in growing market share, revenues or increase profitability. We are known for a strong rigorous analytical framework and combine years of experience in both services and manufacturing industries of all sizes. We provide expertise and sound advice for the owner that wants to grow the business.

Knowledge of US and EU markets for internationalization strategies and distribution development, extensive network of contacts in business, finance, banking, venture capital, and strategy consulting at the partner and directors level.

Growth strategy

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